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An idea that drives us:

“Give the child a dream and he will see his future. Empower the child who has a dream – and he will change the world. “

Our mission

To raise standards of protection of children rights in Ukraine to the level of UN convention guidelines on the rights of the child as well as to promote social and humanitarian initiatives of the Association members.

What are we doing?

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Yuriy GODO - Ukrainian Tenor

“I was lucky to meet people who fully give all their time, talent and ability so that OUR CHILDREN feel that there are People who truly love them and are ready to come to their aid at any time.

As for the “Follow your dream” festival, it’s unbelievable, because it is aimed at developing creative potential, children who have fewer possibilities. The biggest reward and gratitude for work is the sincere, full of happiness and love eyes of children.

Glory, Glory and Many Years to you My Dear Friends! And the rest, I would like, probably, not so much: Peace, Consent and inexhaustible inspiration to all of us!”

Tatyana Piskareva, Honored Artist of UKRAINE, CHAIRMAN OF THE JURY

“The festival of children’s creativity is already sounding proudly, and the Festival for children of unprotected categories is a feat of universal significance. Thanks to the organizers for the existence of this festival, thanks them for developing, for the fact that it really helps Talented children to believe in themselves, in their abilities and helps them implement their dreams into life. All children who participated in the contest are sincere and talented. They are full of energy, they are smiling and pure. They are all great and deserve victory, they all deserve the fulfillment of desires and our attention. Performances of THESE children have still warm my heart, and this is the main feature of talent! “

Inna Tsimbalyuk - model, TV presenter, actress and also the host of the III Festival "Follow your dream”

“It seems to me that at the gala concert “Follow your dream”, nature itself rallied all the participants of the festival, and when it started to rain, it was something amazing, all the spectators hid under the awning of the stage, along with the organizers, politicians, pop stars. It was all much faster, more fun and more romantic, as children with outstanding people of Ukraine could stand on one stage side by side. I think that nature helped the organizers and participants, helped to get closer, give an atmosphere of family, friendship and warmth. It was festive atmosphere of smiles addiction and joy.

With all my heart I would like to wish the organizers of the festival “Follow your dream”, that everything develops in a geometrical progression, keep up the good work! I wish all participants of the festival professional growth and positive experience in creative work when communicating with talented people.”

Anna Klyushnichenko - head of the modern dance studio "ladydance", director of the show-ballet "Vgubi", artistic director of the studio of fitness and dance "colors"

“Children are our happiness, children are our future! They have pure thoughts and they are sincere in their actions. Each of them is unique! Everyone, of course, has his own talent that need to be further developed. Faith is the main step in the development of his/her abilities and self-improvement.

I wholeheartedly want to thank the organizers of the “Follow your dream” festival for giving this faith, faith in yourself, faith in your strength, all the warmth of your hearts, for the sincerity of your words and deeds!

May your hearts always be open for kindness


“Now I have an Angel) Pure, like the Souls of wonderful Children. It was a great honor for me to be on one stage with them. It is difficult to overestimate the work of organizers for the future of Ukraine. Many thanks for the warmth and joy that were in the eyes of children! And I wish a great success to all young artists)) “.


Andris Kapins - Chairman of the jury of the festival "Follow your dream", famous dancer and choreographer, teacher, director of the Kyiv ballet schools-studios of Alla Dukhova "Todes"

“In our time, under the charity often lies simple laundering and collecting money. I am familiar with “Follow your dream” festival since 2007. And since then we have been around all the time, kind people with a great heart, who do their work sincerely and truly. How much care, love, positive you gave to others! If you want to do good deeds, it is best to join the CHILD.UA family and let everything come true! “

Martha Adamchuk - finalist of “Voice of the Country” Season 7. One of the voices of "Dancing with the Stars". Member of the main humorous show of the country

“It is not easy to Follow your dream. We are stopped by doubts, fears, excitement and negative experience. But when I became acquainted with the organization CHILD.UA, I realized that the power of the human heart and the love that lives in it give inspiration and faith to move forward, to reach the goal and to lead those who need support. I love you, dear. Thank you for the opportunity to be with you.”

Kley Ygrumogo - the most most positive band of Ukrainian showbiz, nominees of "YUNA" music award, nominees for the M2 music prize "Golden Fire-Bird", finalists finalists for the talent show "X-factor"

“An interesting Fest with a very decent level. They are looking for talented young people from all over Ukraine. The organization is top notch. Thank you for the opportunity to make something good for the future of our country. peace to all! “

Evgeny Khmara - composer, virtuoso pianist, winner of numerous awards

Love cannot be felt by touch, just like music. But we feel love in our hearts and the whole World is made of it. I thank God for the opportunity to do concerts “Healing Music” together with the association Child.ua. I am happy to be part of the “Follow Your Dream” festival, which gives children with difficult life circumstances the opportunity to grow. I believe that it is only through childhood dreams that we become who we are. And helping each other in the fulfillment of the dreams is one of the main tasks of our life! Thank you for your love, kindness and absoluteness!!!


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