Galaxy camp


The first  innovative inclusive creative camp in Ukraine, which uses  innovative methods of psycho-social rehabilitation of  vulnerable children,  based on their creative team-work.

The GALAXY CAMP project is designed to help with the socialization and adaptation of displaced children, children from orphanages, state boarding schools and children with disabilities.

Our experts developed an innovative method of psycho-social rehabilitation of children through art, creative development and teamwork.

The creative camp is aimed at individual work with each of the participants and group therapy of psychological traumas of children of different age categories.

Twice a year, the creative camp gathers 200 participants from all over Ukraine. In addition to children for socially unprotected categories, children from normal families and children with hearing impairments are involved in the camp.

The project creates a friendly and very creative environment where children do not feel their differences.
This contributes to their development, effective psycho-social rehabilitation successful team-working skills and empathic patterns of behavior.



The team of psychologists and teachers, as well as professional actors, sportsmen, musicians, vocalists and choreographers are working with children to help them realize their unique creative project.

Camp tutors are also famous Ukrainian performers and musicians. Children have the opportunity to get acquainted with Ukrainian stars and learn from them.

The majority of GALAXY CAMP participants are winners of the international children’s charity festival “Follow your dream”.

positive impact on children that is evidenced in their improved academic performance.

Some campers return to the project to become part of the tutors team as volunteers in order to help other children to discover their creative potential and find themselves on the way to a successful future next year.


Masha Mazoha

“For me, “Сhild UA” is home of the soul, and every time I come here, I feel comfortable and happy, because it is an unsurpassed feeling when you return a year later and see the faces of friends, a place that associated only with the best memories. The secret of unlimited love for “Child UA” lies in the special and unique atmosphere of goodness, love and creativity.”

Alina Valuyska

“Every year I look forward to the competition. “Follow your dream” is a place of bright emotions, true friends and wish fulfillment. All contestants get into the incredible “Galaxy Camp” –  discovery of new horizons, new opportunities, new knowledge. These are memories for all lifetime. Anyone who gets into the “Galaxy Camp” will never forget this time ❤  Thank you!”

Together we are changing children's lives for the better!
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