Autism Awareness Ukraine

Autism Awareness Ukraine

Program that aims to increase awareness in Ukraineof people living with autism spectrum disorders  Presentation


The first 100 days for families whose children have been diagnosed with autism

The first 100 days

Ukraine is still at the very early stage to perform widespread early detection and correction of autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Lack of specialists and accessible information causes many children and youth with special psychophysical development become unsuited to life in society.  Sadly, there are almost no public service providers or places that are comfortable for people with ASD.

General public are unaware and suspicious of people with such special needs. Children with ASD are forced to refuse to visit public places, which, in turn, leads to the isolation of the whole family.

The Association CHILD.UA together with other public organizations in Ukraine are working at creating mechanisms for a systematic solution to this problem.

By realizing common projects, we promote the protection of rights, social adaptation and the integration of children and youth with autism into Ukrainian society.





Awareness projects 


In aim to raise awareness of autism, we are organizing social advertising campaigns, in which we disclose the basic stereotypes and prejudices towards people with ASD.
With media partners, we implement joint projects in the media, covering a wide audience of Ukrainian, as well as organize seminars and events with the participation of leading Ukrainian and international experts.





Information resource


We created an information resource to support parents and professionals working with children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).
The web portal contains useful materials and latest news, search for specialized services, access to free expert advice and tests for early diagnosis.
We cooperate with renowned world institutes that perform scientific research of ASD causes and therapy to inform public about the latest achievements.


Friendly environment


We are creating in Ukraine a friendly environment for people with autism spectrum disorders.
After all, for people with ASD even a simple trip to the store can cause a sensory overload due to the excessively bright light or loud sounds, as well as a lack of understanding from the staff of institutions.
We train employees of institutions that provide services and are working to create a network of service providers where people with autism can visit with comfort.


Larisa Kozub, org. "Road of good"

“We are sincerely grateful to the Association for the fruitful cooperation and non-indifference to our children! In particular, our social assistance center “Road of Good” received rehabilitation equipment from the Association, for which we express our sincere thanks and will regularly inform about the results of our work. As a result of your support, our regular workouts have become more intense and more productive.”

Julia Semenyuta

I like photos taken during the #autismfriendlyspace marathon a lot!

Looking at them with confidence I can say that children with #ASD are not alone. And it is in our power to make sure that people with autism do not feel “special.”

I am grateful to the Association for an important and good deed.

Olesya Svaelyeva

“Lisa and I were kindly invited to Evgeny Khmara’s concert “Healing Music”. As always, the organization is on top! And the music is really magical.”

Tatyana Nakonechnaya

“Thank you for the trainings with Polish specialists, for communication with colleagues, for the excellent organization of these events! We look forward to have new meetings!”

Svetlana Lesik-Khachatoryan

“Zhytomyr Regional Center for SBI The Ukrainian Association of Correctional Teachers joined the autism friendly space movement, which aims to create an environment friendly to people with autism by raising awareness of the staff of institutions of the service sector and creating a map of the city from institutions in which staff is ready to interact with people with autism and tailor the environment to their needs. A start was made during meetings with the teams of the Eldorado electronics and home appliances shop, Waikiki clothing store, Marathon sportswear store, New York Street Pizza restaurant, Multizoo. We are grateful to the leadership of these institutions, who have shown great interest and desire to cooperate in the future!”

Together we are changing children's lives for the better!
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