#childua handed over humanitarian aid for Ukrainians, in the Chernihiv region, the village of coin
Thanks to the charitable help of the Global Empowerment Mission, our #childua team handed over humanitarian aid to Ukrainians affected by Russian armed aggression in the Chernihiv region. Kolichivka, where there are more than 170 children and 300 adults, including: 15 families with many children, 8 orphans, 5 children with special needs. Unfortunately, 87 houses were destroyed and cannot be restored...
 Children are the most vulnerable category, and especially in such a difficult time for Ukraine.
 We sincerely thank our partners Global Empowerment Mission for their work and support of Ukrainians affected by hostilities and provided food, bed linen, hygiene products, baby diapers and children's clothes


We receive and give help to those who need it most.
We will be glad for further cooperation in good works!
We invite everyone who cares to join the charity together with #childua, private bank card: 5169330530099354 recipient: AMVGO "DITYNA". Purpose of payment: voluntary contribution.
Also, the card number is in the current ones on Instagram
We also collect food products: cereals, pasta, sugar, tea, oil, canned goods, instant dry soups, mivina, cookies, hygiene products, detergents.
 Your contributions or humanitarian aid will go to support Ukrainians affected by hostilities.
A low bow to everyone who never gets tired of helping and let's remember that you and I are getting closer to victory every day!
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Together we are changing children's lives for the better!
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