The second shift of Galaxy Camp 2019 has completed!

Summer Camp in Transcarpathia, organized by the Association headed by Eugeniya Tymoshenko unites above 100 children from different parts of Ukraine.

2nd shift was lasted from 9  to 20 Аugust close to Mukacheve City. Children from the frontline zone in eastern Ukraine, children from Kiev families with difficult life circumstances and winners of this year’s “Follow your dream” festival became a part of this Camp.

 «To communice with peers, enjoy the summer and the carefree moments of childhood – that is  lack for children in everyday life. At GalaxyCamp camp, children have the opportunity to develop their abilities and to fulfil their potential. The fourth GalaxyCamp shift is over, and I can see the way children are coming home every time: inspired, with new goals and wishes. This is the highest appraisal of our work,” Eugeniya Tymoshenko, the President of the Association, said.

During the last two weeks, children were able to find a new friends, express themselves and build their own potential, as well asto acquire new skills and knowledge and to minimize internal barriers.

For example, a teambuilding day taught children to work in a team, to find the right and compromise solutions, to negotiate both with each other and with senior mentors.

Business Day, in turn, taught financial literacy to the colonists, promoting the main goal – much work needs to be done in the future to achieve both material and any other goals.

An integral part of every #GalaxyCamp change is the conduct of numerous creative workshops that promote the socialization and psychological rehabilitation of children. Thus, the camp hosted a stellar dance master class by choreographer Andris Kapinsch. The master class inadvertently turned into a real flash mob of, to which all without exception were joined.

Thanks to a Fluid Art master class, the children created a real “space” in the paintings. Fluid Art technology allows you to maximize your inner world on the canvas and is an extremely important tool for displaying children’s creative potential.

This summer, there were children with hearing and speech disaibilities. All of the children took basic lessons of sign language with great interest and were able to find the best ways to communicate with each other.

Mutual respect, humanity and understanding – these are the traits shown by the conquerors #GalaxyCamp2019.

During the shift there was traditionally individually works with the children psychologist, and mentors, who are graduates of the program of training for work in the children’s camps of the Association – “School of Mentors”. #GalaxyCamp is a unique camp, besides the usual wellness, children also receive psychological and social rehabilitation.

For reference:
#GalaxyCamp – the first  innovative inclusive creative camp in Ukraine, which uses  innovative methods of psycho-social rehabilitation of  vulnerable children, based on their creative team-work.


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