Visit to the children in the Ladyzhyn Orphanage

Our team has visited the children in the Ladyzhyn Orphanage, donated clothing, hygiene products and toys. They had a great time, talkung, and of course were charged with positive emotions from children!
The hostel is located in a forest area 7 km from the small town of Ladyzhyn, near the river. Currently, the facility is home to 126 children with disabilities, including 14 children with disabilities and 112 young people with disabilities.
There are kids who can only smile, hug and enjoy life. And this is the most valuable thing.

These are children with disabilities who suffer from physical or mental disabilities. Most of them are incurable, but even we learn from them the ability to enjoy life. Kind and open, children living one family, care for and help one another. They are always happy to make a new friends and are waiting for the guests.

Children are living now, and it is impossible to put their life on hold, waiting for things to get better. They want to be needed right now, to feel support and care, they want to be a part of society. Ladizyn boarding school has the necessary living conditions for such children, responsive and caring sisters, but they need our support.

The urgent needs for today:

1. electrocardiograph
2. electric suction
3. the recirculator bactericidal
4. disinfection tank
5. air conditioning in the storage room for medicine
6. clipper
7. water tank (plastic container for 15 tons)
8. well pump
Doctors, namely: Dentists, ascending, preferably with portable equipment.

What is constantly needed: household chemicals (deodorants, soaps, shampoos, washing powder, etc.), reusable diapers, cloths, shoes.

The children have once again gave us an important life lesson – to be happy every minute and to be grateful for everything we have!

Let’s make this world better together!


Together we are changing children's lives for the better!
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