New Year’s #MarathonDobra starts in the frontline zone of Ukraine

As part of the All-Ukrainian charity event, more than 1,500 children from the front-line zone of Donbass will see the festive musical “New Year’s Kaleidoscope”. Pupils of the secondary school №8 of the city of Toretsk and the winners of the “Follow your dream” festival, as well as artists:

Roman Solonenko


Yuri Lukyanenko (Godo)

Andris Kapins

#MarathonDobra will be held in Lugansk and Donetsk regions, in the following settlements, namely, Schast’ye, smt. Novoaydar, pgt. Opytnoye, Toretsk.

The New Year’s #MarathonDobra started on December 15, 2018 in Kyiv, the SEC “Lavina Mall”, where a charity concert of Ukrainian pop stars took place and the record of Ukraine was fixed. Young visitors to the event, together with artists, created the largest coloring in Ukraine, more than 50 square meters in size. New Year’s #MarathonDobra CHILD.UA unites all those who are not indifferent around a good goal ━ to give children of socially unprotected categories a real holiday.

The CHILD.UA Association, led by Eugenia Tymoshenko, unites international and all-Ukrainian public organizations to help children in difficult life circumstances, giving them opportunities and skills for a better future. Every year, CHILD.UA holds about 30 charity events and helps 3,000 children. The organization deals with the socialization and psychological rehabilitation of children, provides charitable assistance, helps them to develop culturally and creatively.

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