New Year adventures in Galaxy Park and Massimo Gelarty

On December 17, as part of #MarathonDobra, association in partnership with Massimo Gelarty held an ice cream charity workshops 🍧for children deprived of parental care👧🧒

During the master class, children not only got into the real laboratory of Massimo Gelarty gelaterie but also tried themselves as his assistants! They learned the secrets of making natural and delicious ice cream! The natural ingredients were mixed and then frozen with liquid nitrogen. The shaker was covered with fog – and the real magic began!

Kids made ice cream from scratch: from eggs, milk, and cream. They ate everything they cooked and took the recipe with them:)


But our adventures were not over. As part of #MarathonDobra, more than 200 kids had a chance to have fun at Galaxy Park.

It all started with sweet Christmas gifts from Lavina Mall, balloons, a bright photo area, fun rides, and virtual reality games.

We sincerely thank the management of Galaxy Amusement Park for supporting #MarathonDobra, for their sincerity and openness to charity! And also thank you to our partners – Gelarty for supporting #MarathonDobra! Massimo Gelarty’s Ice Cream is a real fantasy lab where every kid feels like a little wizard! 🤩


We wholeheartedly thank Galaxy Park for the wonderful opportunity for children to visit the amusement park and for the bright emotions.

As a nice bonus little cooks had sweet Christmas presents from Lavina Mall.🎁


Thanks to the photographer Konstantin Krupsky, who saved the most interesting moments for each of us!

Together we are changing children's lives for the better!
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