New Year’s #MarathonDobra

Association CHILD.UA initiates the New Year in Ukraine #MarathonDobra. On the eve of the New Year holidays, when all the families get together, everyone is waiting for presents, and someone for real miracles, more than 100,000 children in Ukraine remain without the magical world of the New Year holidays.

New Year’s holidays are the time when children are waiting not for gifts only, but also for real miracles. However, in Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of children are left without the family warmth and magic of Christmas. These are vulnerable children, are brought up in orphanages or boarding schools, displaced children and those who live in the east of Ukraine. Therefore, #MarathonDobra is sent to children who need help and support. The organizers collect gifts, warm clothes and goodies to give them to children along with a New Year’s fairy tale – festive performances that will be organized in Kyiv and other cities.

Every year, CHILD.UA Association gives a holiday and gifts for children from orphanages, boarding schools and crisis families. This year, we want the holiday to come in as many children’s hearts as possible and call upon all those who are not indifferent to join the Wizards team!

The #MarathonDobra unites Ukrainian pop stars, composers, hosts and dance groups, as well as philanthropists, socially responsible companies and volunteers around a good goal – to give children in socially unprotected categories a real holiday.

#MarathonDobra starts with a grand charity event at the Lavina Mall on December 15. On this day the real holiday is waiting for visitors.

All concerned participants of the event will be able to join the gathering of gifts for 3000 vulnerable children left without proper parental care, and will also take part in the prize draw from partners #MarathonDobra.

Within the #MarathonDobra there will be held more than 10 charity events in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine.

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Let’s give children a real holiday together!

Together we are changing children's lives for the better!
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