Back and Project #worldsafeforkids held an inclusive children’s event with children with autism
On June 3, the Association together with the Patrol Police of Ukraine within the framework of the #worldsafechildren project held an inclusive children’s event with the participation of children with autism.

✅ The children learned how the equestrian police work, had the opportunity to feed the horses and squat about them.
The children felt like little law enforcement officers sitting in a police car and talking on a walkie-talkie. Finally, at the sweet table, they also received useful gifts from the police: reflective bracelets and books on traffic rules!

✅ Happy children’s eyes, loud laughter and sincere smiles warmed the souls and hearts of guests “in uniform”, because the joy of a child is the greatest and most sincere reward.

✅ The project is implemented within the program #autismfriendlyspace

✅ Sincere thanks to the leadership of the Patrol Police of Ukraine @Zhukov Eugene, @Biloshitsky Alexei for attention and love for children!
✅Link to the video here
Together we are changing children's lives for the better!
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