Working together with Kyiv centers for rehabilitation of children with autism

On 18 March, the Association of international and Ukrainian NGOs “Social protection” (IASP) visited two Kiev centers who work with children with special needs: social rehabilitation center “Family” (Rodyna) and Charitable organization “Stepping stones” (Shodynki) that mostly help children with autism through specialized programs of training and development. Eugenia Tymoshenko made a trip to study the material base of the centers, their concerns and to involve them in the national program of inclusive society and events during the weekend of autism awareness (2-3rd of April) that Association organizes in Kiev.
Centre “Stepping stones” now employs 12 people, working with more than 40 children. 24 children come to the centre on a daily basis. The center combines the functions of a kindergarten and special education center. It employs highly educated specialists from correctional and educational programs, who completed specialized courses and lectures.
“Stepping stones” are proud of their work: in 9 years of working with children with autism, 40 children had the opportunity to attend a normal school!
Another center, “Family” (Rodyna), has 16 years of experience in particularly working with complex cases of child autism and other psycho-physical abnormalities. In the centre there are two separate “half-day” groups for girls and for boys. In addition to educational programs there is a training program at the center that allows children to continue to study in regular schools. The head of the center, Larisa Samsonova, says that they are planning to do daily full-day programs, but this requires extra room. In the “Family” there are 89 children (families) who were refused to undergo rehabilitation programs in other centers and schools. Here they found their loving teachers.
Every day more than 20 children come to class with various types of psycho- physical abnormalities. There is an equipped Montessori room in the center and sport/sensory area with hammocks, there’s even the Tom-Toms for sensory development! According to the mother of Dmitri, who is studying at the center: “Family” is not just the name of the center, it really is a family! Here the children feel at home, they behave well, they want to come here. I think this is an indicator of quality”.
In addition to direct work with children both centres are actively working to build an inclusive society in Ukraine. So, they participate in round tables, meetings with top officials of Ukraine. “It’s good that this subject has arisen in our society”, – said the head of the center “Family” Larisa Samsonova.
On the International day of autism awareness Association “Social protection” (IASP) organizes an outside event with a flash-mob at the Sofia square in Kyiv with the aim to spread information about autism. We invite you to join this event, which will also be attended by new friends of the Association – centres “Stepping stones” and “Family”. Join the flash-mob “Kiev in blue” April 2, 2016 at Sophia square! Beginning at 12:00.
On April 3, 2016 at 14:00 we are waiting for you at the stadium Bannikova where the 1st charity football match “The Parliamentary Cup” will take place. Tha match will happen between the national team of members of Ukrainian parliament and national team of Ukrainian journalists to raise funds to equip therapy rooms in the correctional centre “Primavera”, (Kyiv). Read more about the event –
The Association calls not to be indifferent to the needs of children with autism and join the public discussion on the creation of an inclusive community! Autism is not a disease. Autism is a speciality!

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