“Voice of Peace” gets to Old Aydar

Volunteer movement “Voice of Peace” has visited ATO with charity mission to deliver food.

This time our volunteers went to Schastya, v. Old Aydar, and v. Peredils’k in Lugansk oblast to supply the necessary goods for survival of people who still live there. – especially pensioners and children of school age.


Our team gave to local residents 82 food parcels that include: buckwheat, rice, pasta, sugar, bread, water, chocolate, cacao, fish tin food, meat tin food, condensed milk, sunflower oil, flour, soap, shampoo, washing powder, toilet paper.


People, who received aid, allowed to photograph them only from the back whilst they are courageously looking into the eyes of war.


“As the result of unannounced hybrid war so many people suffered, found themselves in desperate situations – without house, without any means to exist. They live underground, hiding from shelling, in a constant fear. Everyone have to give a helping hand now – said president of Association of NGOs “Social Protection” Eugenia Tymoshenko.


“The activity of your organization calls for the attention of civil society to problems of socially-unprotected groups of citizens in our country as well as of people who live in desperate conditions as a result of war. You make their life better – said head of Peredils’k village T.O. Kuzmina.


We are going to make a charity trip to Mariupol giving food aid again on 18th of June! Children from orphanages “Pilgrim Republic” and “Centre of care” are waiting for us there. Apart from food, we are taking seasonal clothes, shoes, goods for personal hygiene and household. Join us! Join outran of volunteers! You can also help by donating long-term storage food products, clothes, etc.

If you would like to help in any way, please contact Andrey (coordinator) – +380504138390, or our office tel:+380444285718

Together we are changing children's lives for the better!
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