Visiting the Salmanovs

On February 10 the team of the “Insight” (Pogliad) organisation with the members of ICF “Embassy of Life” visited the family-type children’s home. It is quite difficult to call the  Salmanov’s house a family-type children’s home, though, as all children are intelligent and well brought-up, with their parents being very hospitable.

At the moment there are 13 children in the family: previously all of them lived inorphanages, but were lucky to find a truefamily. The kids are of different age: frompre-schoolers to students. Very soon two more sisters (of 2,5 and 8 years old) are going to join the family. The decisions relating to “having-or-not new kids” is always made on the family pow-wow, since the parents always discuss it with their children.

Their Mom-heroine has 6 biological children. The youngest Vladislav (16 years old) lives with his parents, being the ”premises superintendent”. His Dad is kidding that their cow is the only one to obey Vlad. In response to the question about the number of children currently living in the family Vlad says that they have not even thought about it.

Elena believes that the most things in life are love and sence of humor. This kind of upbringing is applyed to children: instead scold parents use jokes. That is why children do not take offense, do not close in themselves and develop the  ability to think. Perhaps this is the secret of the welfare of a large family. In this environment Veronica, who Elena took a year ago with mental retardation, now eat and dress by herself and can express her desires.

The Mom said that in cases when the social payments are delayed it is , it is problematic even to cook something, but she tries her best to make her children feel comfortable. When it happens the family uses their own farm chickens.

Despite all dificulties the family is full of love and harmony.  reigns harmony and love. The children, being lavished with care and tremendous support, call Olena and Fedir their Mom and Dad.

There are no “somebode else’s children”! The family needs our support in everyday life! So, in case you is willing to help, do not hesitate to call: 0504182825.

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