Visit to the orphanage in Shchors town, Chernihiv region
On February, 20-22 representatives of the Association of international and Ukrainian NGOs “Social protection” (IASP) and 37 volunteers from the Kyiv Christian churches had attended the boarding school in Shchors, Chernihiv region, the home for 88 children, where they live and study. These children are being raised by the life itself because their parents were denied/deprived of the right to care for their children due to displays of alcoholism, perverse lifestyle, fraud, etc.

This trip to the Schors boarding school is not the first in the history of the organization. As always volunteers were preparing to the meet with children to devote as much attention to them as they can, to tell something interesting and new, to show theatrical show and to buy gifts, food and clothing. Each trip lasts two full days, during which volunteers spend maximum time with children.

At this trip pupils from the Kiev Humanitarium Lyceum joined us to collect food for students from boarding school, who gave 88 packages with souvenirs. Also the children received sets of chocolates, new sports equipment, juices, biscuits, magazines “Professor Kreyd”, socks and gloves.

Children aged 5 to 17 years live in this state boarding school. In addition to teaching the curriculum, children also play football, beading, and visit some local section of athletics. During their visits volunteers regularly provide all necessary products for their everyday life .

Orphans are the kids with fighting spirit: everyone is forced to fight for their place under the sun. Nevertheless, we hope that such visits make children more open and communicative.

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