«Ukraine seen by children»

🏆 Congratulations to the winners of the All-Ukrainian competition of children’s drawings «Ukraine seen by children»!

✅On the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence, the Association held an All-Ukrainian drawing competition «Ukraine seen by children», the aim of which was to draw public attention to children with autism and develop their creative abilities.

✅ More than 100 children sent their works to the competition, from all over Ukraine.

✅We sincerely thank everyone for participation! It is impossible to remain indifferent looking at the works of our talented children!  Each picture is a separate world of the child – it is unique, bright and inimitable.

✅ According to the results of the evaluation of the independent jury, the winners of the competition were ⤵️

    • Yakubovich Polina
    • Savitsky Nazar
    • Ivanov Mikita
    • Gaidai Maria
    • Efimov Arthur
    • Maxim Brovchenko
    • Tsiben Vladislav
    • Iskrenko Timothy
    • Cherepenko Taras
    • Kubar Nikita
    • Matiychik Polina
    • Voitko Maxim
    • Kolyvushko Andrew
    • Handle Zahar
    • Ivan Pronenko
    • Reznichenko Valeria
    • Halus Ivanka
    • Levchuk Dmitry
    • Cape Valeriy
    • Ilyushchenko Anastasia
    • Tarasov Yegor
    • Mikhailovsky Artem
    • Ksenia Zagarnytska
    • Kashtanov Maxim.


✅ Everyone who participate in the competition will be awarded with diploma, and 24 winners will receive diplomas and gift certificates from our partners “Akvarel”, face value of UAH 500.

✅ Also the works of the winners are already placed on the map of Ukraine #Autismfriendlyspace

🎉We sincerely congratulate all participants and wish them success, inspiration, fulfillment of dreams and new creative achievements!  Parents should be proud of their children and rejoice in their success!

✅Separately, we thank public organizations and creative teams for their activity and encouragement of children to participate in the competition, we wish the satisfaction of work and victories of their students.


Together we are changing children's lives for the better!
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