Train the body, take care of the soul, strengthens faith!

“Train the body, take care of the soul, strengthens faith! Who was the last – will be the first!”.With this words on April 23 volunteers of “World without dependence” came to the boys to the colony in Pryluku city for minors. On this time the volunteers talked about sports and how is it important in life.

Because, in order to achieve different life-goals, a person should keep himselfself in good physical shape. Of course, the word passed down to it and volunteers have held a soccer tournament. In the tense and dynamic game a FRIENDSHIP has won!

At every meeting with the guys, volunteers CO “Life without depending” are trying to pass their experience, knowledge of the challenges of life to help become successful individuals.

Thanks to our friends of the Association “Social Protection”, for your cooperation in organazing a trip!

Together we are changing children's lives for the better!
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