The “Social Protection” Association Remains Focused on Giving Help to Children with Autism

In the framework of the International Autism Awareness Day the “Social Protection” Association (IASP) has held a number of social events aimed at drawing public attention to the autism issue in Ukraine. One of the aspects of its work were visits to the Kyiv centers for education and development of children with autism.

One of the common problems of such centers is insufficient funding. First of all, each center has to pay salaries to the specialists working with children uponthe specialized development programs. Secondly, the centers have to make rental payments.

But according to the new legislation, the centers have to make rent and utilities paymentsand, in parallel, the land lease costs. These changes have been initiated due to the adoption of the Law of Ukraine № 909-VIII of December 24, 2015 “On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine and Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine with Regard to Ensuring the Balance of Budgetary Revenues in 2016”.

The “Social Protection” Association made the 10 000 hrv donationtothe “Loving Heart” autism center, which was unable to make all rent payments. In reply the Center sent their letter of appreciation. We, in our turn, promise to remain seized of the matter in question and provide financial assistance at our earliest available opportunity.

We believe that the amended legislation has a positive impact on Ukraine’s budgeting, but we urge the officials to finalize the document, as currently the NGOs, charity foundations and other social development institutions have to pay additional costs. The “Social Protection” Association is going to make all-out efforts for releasing social entities from the given obligation.

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