Social talk-show “The City of Good” (Misto Dobra)

ICF “Life with Surplus” together with Kyiv TV Channel continue to make social talk-show “The City of Good” (Misto Dobra)

You can easily become a “resident” of the unique city as your smallest assistance can make a person happier and sometimes even save someone’s life.

The topic of the programme on 17.06.2105 is the way home that is always shorter because home is the most comfortable place for any person. But for the first guests of the show the way is a difficult challenge they have to overcome several times a day. Neigbours Yulia and Oleksiy are disabled persons in wheelchairs. They are unable to get to their apartment without someone’s help. This is because there are still too many barriers in our society struggling to create suitable conditions for such people.

The second part of the programme is dedicated to the most highly awarded Ukrainian film that has got 40 awards, 3 of which were brought form the Cannes Film Festival. “The Tribe” is the first picture about deaf people told by their language, the language of amateur and thus so open actors.

We would like to remind you that the social talk-show “The City of Good” is broadcasted every Wednesday at 22:30 on Kyiv TV channel.

There will be no single resident in the “City of Good” who will be left alone with his or her problem. TV viewers can also join us: you can help by calling to “The city of Good”:  (044)279-41-25

You can watch the programme at:

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