Lets say NO to drugs!

Next meeting of volunteers of the Association “Social protection” and “World without dependence” with inmates in penitentiary in the city of Pryluky was held under this slogan.

These guys understand the negative consequences of using drugs like no other does, but as they say “repeating are always good”. This issue won’t lose its relevance probably never unfortunately. Therefore it is  important to inform and remind boys that each of them has absolutely equal opportunity to start a new life after prison. Showing all the negative aspects of the drug’s influence on body and mind of human, only few will be willing to ruin their life again. Thus such meetings educate boys and help them realize that they have the whole life in future and they can always find support in any situation.

We hope that every such meeting will not be vain in life of each of these young men!


Together we are changing children's lives for the better!
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