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Charitable organization “ICF “Serve now” has completed the annual “Christmas festival” program. This program provides for the holding of Christmas gift giving for children and adults. This arrived in Ukraine 7,000 gifts from Scotland, it were collected by volunteers of the charitable organization “Blythwood Care”. These gifts were given to children, adults and older people in Kharkov, Kiev, Uzhgorod, Chernivtsi, Khmelnytsky, Kherson city and Kherson region villages. In these cities Christmas meeting was organized by charities, churches and caring people. For example, in Kharkiv children’s choir Christian school “Beginning of wisdom” has prepared a performance to show in prisons, boarding schools for children with disabilities, homes for people with special needs. After the performance everyone got a bright box with gift. In Uzhgorod seniors who live in the house for lonely people get gifts. In Kherson volunteers from the “Red Cross” has visited the families of soldiers ATO. Also gifts were given to the students of two rural schools and boarding schools of Kherson region Golopristanskogo district.“Christmas festival” program covers a large number of cities and engages volunteers from different regions of Ukraine. Happy gifts: those who receive and those who serves others. Thank you all for your cooperation.
“Who knows how to give – he knows how to live” (French proverb)




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