Maslenitsa celebration for internally displaced families

On 10 March, the Association “Social Protection” (IASP) together with restaurant Yolo has held a carnival celebration for children from internally displaced families from Eastern Ukraine. The event was attended by 32 young guests, who actively participated in the preparation of traditional holiday dishes – pancakes, recited poems, sang and danced a lot.

“Mardi Gras is perhaps the most tasty celebration, full of sun and spring. I want this mood to pass on to children. And especially for those who live in the re-settlement centres, they have no home now, nor cosy kitchen where they can cook pancakes with their parents… so it is important that children feel this holiday. Together they will cook and have fun with their favorite stars” – said Eugenia Tymoshenko, the President of the IASP.

Under the strict guidance of Yolo chef,  Sergey Suprun, children prepared first savoury pancakes with chicken, and then chocolate pancakes with banana and sweet cheese. They learned how to fold a “fried sun” and serve the dish in Japanese style. Andrew Tsar and Marina Kobzova also joined in the cooking progress and fun together with children. 

Sofia, who is only 3.5 years, expressed her emotions succinctly: “Delicious!”.

Guests were greatly entertained by the famous band “Klei ugryumogo”, singer Martha Adamchuk and artists of the HRC “PARADIZ” trio “SMILЕ”.

“Children – they are like a walking holiday! They don’t need a reason, they need only a little motivation, a cause, and they are able to enjoy life and have a feast. Once parents have an opportunity to bring their children here, children start to play music, they entertain themselves, they’re having fun. Time of childhood is so short, it is necessary to pamper children whilst we can!”, – shared his emotions the soloist of the band “Klei ugryumogo”.

After the mini-disco lead by Yaros Love, he invited kids to say a poem or sing: the children had a real literary flash mob! Each guest received a small gift from IASP.

“When the children came into the restaurant, they started to show off their hairstyles, their new clothes, boast new things. They are happy, and I am happy because I see that children adapt to normal life. The main message of all of philanthropy is that life goes on, the sun is shining, spring is coming, and we must rejoice and believe in the best! That’s why we called the event a “Carnival of Wonders”, – said Alena Starukh, Yolo restaurant Manager .

IASP thanks the stars and Yolo restaurant for the participation and organization of this amazing celebration for children. Attention and such entertainment help kids to forget the terrible events at home.

Photos of the event see here

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