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On December 12 at 13:00, the performance for children “Why does the elephant have a long nose” based on the famous tale by English writer Rudyard Kipling from the series “Jungle Book” will take place  in the Kyiv Municipal Academic Theater. Initiated by Eugenia Tymoshenko, the President of the Association of International and Ukrainian NGOs “Social protection”, and supported by volunteer movement the “Voice of Peace”, the show invites children of ATO soldiers and veterans.

“I want to wholeheartedly thank the Social Protection Association and the Theater’s Management for such a wonderful opportunity for our kids. Today, we brought children from two boarding schools to the performance. You could see yourself how happy they were! I am overwhelmed with emotions and impressions too – excellent, interesting show! Kids, let’s once again say “A BIG THANK YOU!” – Nadezhda Ivanovna, the person accompanying children.

The kids restlessly shared their emotions and experiences: “Such a small elephant but it managed to defeat the crocodile. I want to be so brave too”– Maksymko, 5 years old.

We hope that the signing of the agreement on close cooperation between the Management of the Theatre and the Association, will enable children patronized by the Association to attend similar events on a charitable basis. We wish to express our gratitude to the Director of the Theater, Alexander Natanovich Chunikhin for the excellent chance and opportunity to bring joy and happiness to our kids!

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