Let’s collect gifts together!

For many of us the end of the year is both the period of waiting for the holiday and summing up the results of the year. This is a good chance to finally finish previously started tasks, make a pleasant surprise for family and friends and do something good. Kind thanks to everyone who does not remain indifferent!

Special thanks to active pupils, in particular to pupils of the 8th grade from the school number 250 of Desnianskyi district headed by Natalia Pashkevich, from School №321, I-III level of Desnyanskyi district, and the initiative of children’s volunteer organization “Patriot” – Troyeshchyna led by their manager Samoilenko Irina, who participated in the charity event the “Box of Happiness” and collected gifts for children from orphanages and children of internally-displaced persons.

And those who didn’t have time to join that charity event, but want to help, you can collect gifts for children yourself. This could be sweets, clothes, toys, books, stationery etc.

To participate in the campaign, call +38 (044) 428-57-18 (from 10:00 to 18:00).

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Together we are changing children's lives for the better!
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