“Kyiv in Blue”

On the occasion of the World Autism Awareness Day the Association “Social Protection” has announced a “Kyiv in Blue” social campaign. It aims to draw public attention to the problems of people with autism.

The campaign will take place from March 27 through April 3 in social networks and in Sofiїvska Square in Kyiv.

The first stage of the campaign is going to take place within social networks. It is very simple to join it: you just take a photo of yourself or of your work team with some blue items of clothing or any blue accessories, post your picture within a social network, including a hashtag #Київ_у_блакитному. In case of any difficulty, just colour your avatar in blue – a colour of autism awareness.

Our team was the first to take this step: we had a symbolic photo shoot with blue umbrellas and put the photos on the Internet (

The final action will be presented as a flash mob event in Sofiїvska Square on April 2 at 1p.m. It will be performed by seven Kyiv development and correction centers for children with autism, the “Pulse” dance studio (with its dynamic choreographic programme), muzmobil and a whole little Lego town. The moderator of the event is Vladimir Andrievsky.

We welcome everyone to join our action for the support of the Association’s initiative on autism awareness!

Together we are changing children's lives for the better!
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