International conference “DIR FLoortime, Ergotherapy and Sensory Integration for everybody”

International conference “DIR FLoortime, Ergotherapy and Sensory Integration for everybody” was held in Kyiv.

April 20-21, 2018 – in the “Ukrainian House”, an international scientific and practical conference “DIR FLoortime, Ergotherapy and Sensory Integration for everybody” in which we acted as co-organizers was held, with experts from the leading countries of the world discussing the issues of PAC.

More than 200 participants from different cities of Ukraine, among them teachers, specialists, and parents of children were united by a common purpose. 7 leading experts from the USA, Indonesia, Ukraine shared their scientific and practical experience and work on introducing a methodology for working with children. From a practical point of view, the ways to change for children of different groups and the use of the philosophy of DIR Floortime at home, in pre-school, and at school were examined from a practical point of view.

“The methodology is based on the individual approach of the DIR and the target game Floortime, which uses the relationship with the child as the basis for achieving therapeutic goals.”

14 hours of productive work, full immersion, and gaining new knowledge in the field of sensory information processing, postural control, and motor planning. In ergotherapy, the study of the impact of injuries on child development, games, enthusiasm, and interaction are used to help children develop gradually.

As Yevgeniya Tymoshenko, the founder of the portal and co-organizer of the conference noted, the important task is to unite efforts in order to create a tolerant commonwealth.

We sincerely thank the organizers of the conference, the “Child to the Future” Fund and, personally, Ine Sergienko and Floortime Center, led by Angeli Zayets and IDCL for organizing this event!

We are particularly grateful to the online edition of UaInfo for informational support.

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