Good purpose is a necessary condition for a full life

As a good tradition, the volunteers of the Association “Social protection”, namely CO “World without dependence” once again has visited Prilutsky colony to transfer the young people practical knowledge, to share an experiences, to warn and to show an example how to live better.
“Today we discussed about an importance of training and development of each person as an individual. After watching a motivational movie about Steve Job’s life, the guys joined in an active discussion about the importance of development and that poses a good cause and most importantly to achieve them is a necessary condition for a full human life.
Guys are determined and we believe and know that they, upon release, will succeed, and we in turn will try to help them in their development on the right path! We thank our partners for their help in organizing the trip”. Everyone can contribute to such an important trip, we could continue!

Association of international and national public organizations “Social protection”
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