Good deeds in the colony

Holding of informative and useful events for those who for various reasons have remained isolated from life in society became a good tradition. So on Saturday the volunteers of the Association “Social protection”, “World without dependence” visited the pupils Prilutsky penal colony.

The greatest attention should be paid to the organization of free time of convicts. So, the volunteers had enough time to talk on the topic “Good deeds”, and had a tea time with questions and answers on issues of concern to young people.

In addition, volunteers visited the prisoners during the production process of manufacturing Christmas products. To be presented at the charity fair for the Day of Charity on December 10-11 in the SEC “Karavan”.

We believe that social work with prisoners is extremely important and contributes to the formation of correct attitudes, broaden their Outlook and understanding that everyone can find their place in society, to be useful.

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