Gifts to children for the winter holidays

On the occasion of new year and Christmas holidays from the Association “Social protection” gifts received 1830 children:

– displaced persons in Kyiv and Irpin;

– special needs RC “Family” and CO “Loving heart”;

– orphans in boarding school in Shors and Torez;

persons with disabilities in Kherson and in the East of Ukraine;

– children living in the East of Ukraine, Avdeevka, Krasnogorovka;

– persons with disabilities from Shevchenkivsky district of Kyiv;

– oncological diseases in Children’s Department of ONCOLOGY MSEK Department of Oncology;

 – pupils in Voloska boarding school, baryshevsky district;

– cildren from Desnyansky district.with cerebral palsy with physical and mental disabilities, central nervous system and mental disorders;

We are grateful to all the volunteers, partners and members of the Association “Social protection”, through which we were able to give a festive feeling to children of socially vulnerable categories.

Genuine laughter and children’s joy again and again inspire to good works. So we continue to do good together.

But with the end of the Christmas holidays it doesn’t end taking care of children, so we invite everyone to join the goodness. Contact us by phone (044) 428-57-18 or fill in the form on the website

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Together we are changing children's lives for the better!
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