Effective holidays for teenagers, with TEEN CAMP!

The aducational ptoject TeenCamp has given 6 brilliant days to children from large families and foster families protected by the Social Protection Association.
7 children have freeed up the TeenCamp career guidance course: 5 days -9 professions and 6 days-6 skills and got their first start in the foreseeable future.
Day camp brought together professionals of their work to reveal the potential of each participant.
In 5 days the children got acquainted with new professions. Everyone was able to try himself in the role of: accurate financier, uncompromising lawyer, creative director, actor, pr-specialist and others. As well as 6 days, they developed personal efficiency skills.
The children got the knowledge, inspiration and installation for the future from the best top managers of practitioners from different spheres of business.
Association “Social Protection” thanks the founder of the project Tetyana Kireichuk, as well as career coach Kateryna Prikhodko for the help and support the development of children. Special thanks to the project experts: Viacheslav Solomka, Vitaliy Zhadobin, Oleg Tatarchuk, Iryna Kushnir, Lena Snytkova, Inga Kirilyk, Alexey Tsurkan, Alina Nosova for your professional contribution to the formation of young people.
Sure, such classes are necessary for every child to make an informed choice of the future profession and to educate the necessary leadership skills. Thanks a lot to the organizers for the great program! We wish success in work and creativity!

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Together we are changing children's lives for the better!
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