You can become a part charity event “School bag”

The beginning of the school year is coming soon and parents who have moved from ATO area and low-income and large families, it is necessary to prepare children for school.

This year many children-immigrants forced to go to new schools, get acquainted with their new classmates. Their school friends, favorite portfolios and uniforms left at home. So the team of Association “Social protection” appeals for help to everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of children.

It’s n0t a secret that some of the family forced to displaced is not able to ensure their children for school. Children need: briefcases, stationery (notebooks, pens, all for drawing) sport bags, clothes and shoes for school.

If you are able to buy the necessary things for the school, please bring it to our office (Turivska street, 15).

To transfer an assistance, please call: (044) 428-57-18
From the August, 17 in the network of bookstores “Bukva” will be a charity event “School bag” to collect stationery, so we invite volunteers to get involved in charity. The action will take place at:

Sq. Sports 1a, Gulliver, “Bukva”
Ave Obolonskiy 1-b, Dream Town “Bukva”
st. Mishuhy 4, TC Pyramid, “Bukva”
st. Glushkov 13-b, TC Magellan, “Bukva”

Together we are changing children's lives for the better!
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