Charity Event “From Heart to Heart”

On 17 December, on the eve of St. Nicholas Day, a charity event “From Heart to Heart” was held in the LoveBurger restaurant in Kyiv.

With the support of the Social Protection Association with its President Eugenia Tymoshenko, children displaced from the East of Ukraine and caring Ukrainian celebrities with their children gathered in the festive atmosphere of the LoveBurger restaurant.

The splendid festive atmosphere made both children and adults believe in miracles. The unforgettable impressions and emotions placed everyone to the world of fairy tales and wonders where every child could become a great cook and painter at once.

“Every child is a small miracle, everyone had his or her special ideas on making a burger as someone doesn’t like onion and doesn’t put it into the burger. Children understand everything very well, for them this is like a construction kit; they put everything in the correct order. They made this with their own hands and they are happy,” – famous cook Mykhailo Plotnikov said.

“It’s happiness to see the light and joy in the children’s eyes, to see them enjoying every trifle; we should learn this from them! I am very happy that we can bring joy to these children, because they have survived and seen so many fearful things – more than anyone of us!”  – Chairwoman of the Board of the ICO Poglyad Oksana Kravchenko said.

At the end, the children together with guests and painter Kateryna Pyatakova created a miracle – a painting “the heart of hands” that will delight the eyes and warm the hearts of the restaurant guests.

We are sincerely thankful to the organizers and guests of the event, in particular to Olena Starukh and her team for the lovely atmosphere and organization of the festival; to Kateryn Pyatakova for her artistic guidance in creating the real masterpiece of peace, good, love and hope with children’s hands. We thank our wonderful photographers, entertainers and everyone who created the miracle mood.

We believe that every wish made will surely come true! Believe in miracles and do good!

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