Association “Social Protection” Visited the “Liubliache Sertse” (“Loving Heart”) Correction Center

On Thursday, March, 24 Eugenia Tymoshenko and Irina Volhina visited the Kyiv “Liubliache Sertse” Correction Center located in the Darnytskyi district of the capital.

The purpose of the trip was personal acquaintance with the work of the Center, special methods of development and education of the children attending the Center. The “Liubliache Sertse” Center is attended by 24 children per month; the youngest kid there is 3 years old and the eldest girl is 26. According to Antonina, one of the founders of the Center, her eldest daughter was born healthy, but at a year and a half after she had been vaccinated, the girl got brain damage. “In the morning my daughter underwent vaccination and in the evening she got silent”, – says Antonina. This case gave Antonina an impulse to search into the reasons of childrens’ psychological disorders. She got a degree in psychology, which enabled her to take care of her daughter and, in the course of time, of other children on a professional basis. Currently she is completing her own correction program for children with mental disorders. In the “Liubliache Sertse” Center the children are engaged in painting, music lessons and other activities. A dancing studio is going to be open in the nearest time. One of the problematic issues is financing. Although all experts work on a voluntary basis, the “Liubliache Sertse” Center has to pay about 5,000 hrn per month for utilities and “land lease”. As Antonina says: “We are planning to raise funds for the Center, so we are going to organize a photo exhibition with our moms and kids as models in Ukrainian national dresses. We are happy that the Darnytskyi district administration provides great assistance to us”. We are grateful to Antonina for her story about the Center’s activities and her constant concern for children who need correction. We welcome everyone to come and join us for our support to children with autism on April 2 – 3, 2016! More details on the FB page and our website:

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