Association “Social protection” in Mariupol

Volunteers of Association “Social protection” and a group of civil-military cooperation sector “M” has visited Mariupol orphanage “Care center” for preschool and school age children in Mariupol city council of Donetsk region.

October 16th was held an event devoted to the state holiday “Day of Defender of Ukraine” – done work on patriotic education of youth, respect for their native homeland and its Armed Forces.
Indifferent representatives of these organizations gave necessary in life and household items for children, such as:
-shoes and clothing for children;
-winter pants;
-office supplies;
-food and sweets.
Thanks to everyone who contributed to the collection of humanitarian aid, especially “Food Bank Ukraine” company for sweets for kids.
Together with you we make lives of these children more comfortable, give hope for the future

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Together we are changing children's lives for the better!
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