#New Year’sMarathonGood “Children for Children”

Association “” – is country where happy children grow up, everyone has family and equal opportunity for development. That is our dream. But unfortunately, more than 100 thousand of children in Ukraine brought up in children’s homes and boarding schools. And there are many more which have experienced war trauma, are in difficult life circumstances or children without parental care.
Association CHILD.UA has initiated in Ukraine #NewYearMarathonofGood #ChildrenforChildren, to make a real holiday for such children!

For Christmas holidays the team of Association “” prepare presents for:
✅internally displaced people in sanatorium “Teteriv”, urban village Korostushev;
✅to children in difficult life circumstances who are registered in service for children of Kyiv;
low-income families, families with disable children, about who #childua taking care;
✅kids in public institution “Kamyansk educational colony №34″.

We commend philanthropists:, Lavina Mall, @Akvarel, Andris Kapins, Anya Koniukh, Anna Kliushnychenko, Natalia Korytna, Iryna Vorontsova, Anna Davidenko, @Olga Anatolievna, @Anastasiy Gusar, @Elena Druchina, Olesya Varyukhno, Volodumyr Ches, Inna V Olshansky, Diana Khalina, Nastya Nastya, Anastasiya Dubovuk, Svetlana Yatsyshyna, for joining New Year Marathon of Good and help to get presents for children and to made them Christmas magic and good spirits!🎄🎁😍❤️

Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2021🎄🎁


Together we are changing children's lives for the better!
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