123th day of full-scale war in Ukraine…
A war of senseless and insane scale of violence and destruction... The Russian terrorist group destroys everything in its path, continuing to shell civilian objects and civilians of Ukraine :((
 Today, every Ukrainian is fighting on his own front... The #childua team continues its defense on the charity front and continues to support Ukrainian families during the war.
 We encourage everyone who cares to join the charity together with #childua
Private bank card: 5169330530099354 recipient: AMVGO "DYTYNA". Purpose of payment: voluntary contribution.
 We also collect food products: cereals, pasta, sugar, tea, oil, canned goods, instant dry soups, mivina, cookies, hygiene products, detergents.
Your contributions or humanitarian aid will go to support Ukrainians affected by hostilities
Together we are changing children's lives for the better!
How to support