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 Yesterday, the #childua team visited the village of Kolychivka, Chernihiv region, which suffered great losses during the war
There are more than 170 children and 300 adults here.
 In this difficult time for our country, it is important that children feel needed, that they have protection and hope for a happy tomorrow. So we handed over food, sweets, necessary medicine, diapers and baby food to the residents of the village.
 The charity was made thanks to
@Nova Ukraine
@Foundation "Hope Around the World"
@Olexandr Kovtun
@Ilona Muse Sabadan
We sincerely thank the partners and volunteers who join the charity and for whom there are no obstacles when it comes to helping! With such unity, Ukraine will win Victory very soon!
@Boris Hrinchenko Art Institute
Our mission is to win for children!
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Together we are changing children's lives for the better!
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