1 September – at once with

Well, summer is finished, today is September 1st, the Day of Knowledge and the Start of the New School Year.
Association CHILD.UA headed by Eugenia Tymoshenko have put a lot of effort to prepare for school children, registered in our organization.

We are grateful to represented by Sergiy Poshtarenko for the charitable assistance as notebooks and albums for children.
Schoolchildren get their presents for the 1st of September!👍

We wish this day to be best remembered by joy, long-awaited fun meetings, laugher, making new friends and awakening of the thirst for knowledge.
May the strength and patience will be enough for all the year ahead! We wish you to have high marks, easy benchmarks, interesting lessons and true and enduring friends!❤️🌹

Together we are changing children's lives for the better!
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