The first charity tennis masterclass for children with autism

On December 7 the first charity tennis masterclass for children with autism from three-time Bulgarian champion Vasko Mladenov was held.

The event was part of the #MarathonDobra2019 from the Association “Child.ua” with the support of the DreamGo production brand.

All the children made their sure steps towards tennis. Some held a tennis racket for the first time, and some got tips that can be put into practice later. Neurologists and physiotherapists have noted tennis among other sports as one that helps children gain concentration and attention.

Vasko not only showed the kids and parents the exercises that can be done regularly, but he also inspired them to pursue their goals.

Amazing @KatyaYegoreychenko, Candidate for Master of Sport of Ukraine, first division player in America helped him to train children.

All children received delicious gifts from CHILD.UA. Many thanks to the organizations that joined the event:

Svit Sportu

Wilson Tennis

SpinandWin Tennis


Online Fashion Magazine – VTrendi.com.ua@sharomania


Writer Mata Kosovski and her sons came to the event and supported children with autismSee you again in the big sports world!!!



Разом ми змінюємо життя дітей на краще!