Final of XIII the festival “Follow your dream”

June 7, there was a bright and violent finale of our “Follow your dream” festival!

Gifts, brilliant performances with famous artists-members of the jury and participants, inflammatory dances and, of course, awards ceremony – all this was at the final festive concert.

We are glad to congratulate the winners of the 13th children’s art festival “Follow your dream”!

This year GRAN-PRI got the bright and authentic collective “Kumasi”

Prize-places were distributed as follows:

Children category, choreography:

III – choreographic team “Orchid” with performance “Fun break”

ІІ – collective “Shalunishki”, by  performance “Barabashki shalunishki”

І – “Crimean family”, by  performance “Hytarma”

Children, vocal:

ІІІ – Maria Vidruk

ІІ – Polina Kapelyukh

І місце – Darya Rebrova

Children, original genre:

ІІІ – collective “Dakapo” z nomerom “Vidrodzhennya”

ІІ – колектив “Дакапо”, by  performance “Vidrodzhennya”

Junior category, choreography:

ІІІ – collective “Shalunishki”, by  performance “Ispansʹka feyeriya”

ІІ – collective “Sunflower”, by  performance “Pirates of the Caribbean”

І – Rubizhne Children’s Arts School, by  performance “Oberek”

І – Kataki Elvie

Junior category, vocal:

ІІІ – Nataliya Rula

ІІІ – Daria Butenko

ІІ – Augustina Tue

І – Denis Rodin

І – vocal group “Kumasi”

Junior, original genre:

ІІ – Maksym Trofimov, by  performance “Equilibrium on a monocycle”

І – Tetyana Felenko, by  performance “Kauchuk”

Youth, choreography:

ІІІ – The Konfetti Song and Dance Theater, by  performance “Chirdens”

ІІ – Exemplary artistic collective of the choreographic ensemble “ALLEGRO”, by  performance “Popuri dances of Balkans nation”

І – Alina Bortual, by  performance “Eternal mechanism”

Youth, vocal:

ІІІ – Sofia Grigorenko

ІІ – Andriy Kovalskyi

І – Bilyana Miteva

Youth, original genre:

ІІ – Charushin Vladimir and the costume theater “Alice”

І місце – Oleksiy Samoylenko

“Mixed” category, choreography:

ІІІ – team Crimean family, by  performance “With a jug”

ІІ – “Kvity Nadiyi” – Nazariy Demyanchuk ta Kashchuk Sofiya

І – “Barbariki” team

“Mixed” category, original genre:

ІІ – “To hear with heart” team

І – Creative collective “Harmony” for children with hearing impairments

All of the festival participants are already winners, further – more victories and new heights! We wish more success, inspiration and faith in ourselves!

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